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Here are just some of the site fixes that we can help you with.

  • Solve 500 Internal Server Error
    The cause of Internal Server Errors in WordPress is generally related to a plugin and/or theme function. Other reasons can be .htaccess file and PHP memory limit issues. This is not an uncommon issue but we can fix that!
  • Check Google Indexing
    In order for your sites content to be included in the results of a Google search they need to be included in the Google index.
  • Check size and load time of pages
    We analyse you site to make sure it’s running at optimal speed. If not, we have a 30 minute site jobs to tune it up nicely.
  • Clean Up Spam
    Do you notice your site is slower to load that it used to be? Has your search engine ranking dropped unexpectedly?
    Comment spam not only hurts your site visitors experience but can even negatively affect your ranking in the search engines. We can remove the clutter of spam thats causing the issue.
  • Stop spam emails  through your contact Form
    Are you receiving dozens of unsolicited emails to your inbox? The problem may very well lie with your websites contact form. If this is the issue, we can resolve this problem
  • Prevent spam
    You removed the spam but it still keeps coming to your email. This is a common problem with many WordPress Websites. Not to worry, we can help fix that.
  • Install and Configure a plugin
    We know.. installing a plugin is’nt rocket science. However, some plugins, whether free or commercial can be a bit of a headache. We’ve installed thousands over the years and understand some of the issues and conflicts that can occur.
  • Fix sidebar below content error in WordPress
    Oddly, this is not uncommon with many WordPress themes. Our developers can quickly sort the issue using CSS styles to tweak the layout.
  • Fix media upload issue in WordPress
    Trying to upload an image or a PDF file but you get an annoying 
  • Create a child theme
    Child themes are cool! They allow you to make code and style edits to you WordPress theme while avoiding design overwrites during theme updates. We like child themes alot!
  • Fix WordPress pages/posts returning 404 error
    When you site produces 404 error on any page it means that the webpage you were trying to reach could not be found on the server. Search engines don’t like it and and neither do your potential customers.
  • Resolve your White Screen of Death
    There are multiple reasons your website displays the infamous “White Screen of Death”. These may include an error being generated by a WordPress plugin or WordPress theme. No worries.. The WP Tekkies team has your back.
  • Improve your Google Page Speed
    Your websites Page Speed has become a more and more important factor in how well your website ranks in the Google search engine. We can implement effective changes in your site
  • Install and configuration a caching plugin
    Caching plugins help make your site run faster. Excessive page load times will limit your traffic and negatively effect your search rank. A caching plugin will prevent this lag and the other issues that come with it.
  • Fix issues after a WordPress core update
    There are a variety of issues that can occur after updating your wordpress core. These may include:

    • A Plugin is causing compatibility issue.
    • Your Theme may be causing the problem.
    • Your Theme directory may be missing or renamed
  • Improve your site security
    We have quite a few tricks up our sleeves to prevent your site from being compromised. Get in touch to know some of the ways we can secure your website.
  • Create and install a favicon
    If your branding is important to you, then you want it displayed wherever you can. A Favicon is a visual representation of your logo brand. When used it is displayed as a bookmark, browser and app icon for your website.
  • Make changes to the header, sidebar, and similar sections of the site
    Do you need a “Click to Call” button displayed on your mobile sites header section? Perhaps you would a different sidebar menu displayed on specific pages of your website. These tasks fit within the scope of 30 minute site fixes. 
  • Compress images to reduce bandwidth usage and page download speed
    Search engines can measure the time a visitor stays on your website. If that is considered too short, you can be penalised for it. Unnecessarily large images are one of the main reasons for slow page load and high bounce rates. We can can can drastically cut the size of all those bloated images while maintaining the same great quality.
  • Recommend a plugin
    With close to 50,000 free WordPress plugins to choose from and not to mention the thousands of commercial plugins available.. Which plugin best fits your needs?
    At WP Tekkies, we’ve researched, installed, configured and tested hundreds of free and commercial plugins.
    Wordpress Plugins should not only provide the best solution to your specific needs but also work in harmony with all other functionality on your WordPress site.
  • Setup 301 redirects
    301 Redirects provide an easy method of redirecting requests to another page on your site or elsewhere on the web. This is important if you migrate a site to WordPress and are unable to keep the URL structure.
    We can setup 301 redirects from your old pages to your new WordPress pages so that any incoming links will be seamlessly passed along. Essential to maintain search engine ranking.
  • Fix text or image alignment issues
    The WordPress Visual editor says the image or text is aligned to the centre but when you preview or save your page edits, it still aligns to the right. This could be a CSS or plugin conflict. We can fix the problem and advise on avoiding the issue in the future.
  • Minor adjustments of your CSS
    Is your header text overlaying an image on mobile devices? Need a more attractive “call to action” button? Perhaps you’d like to add some extra pizazz to your site header…
    No problem! We always follow the correct standards to ensure any style changes we add will work seamlessly with future core theme updates.
  • Tweak mobile/Tablet site layout
    As mobile device users now exceed desktop users, your mobile presence has never been so important. Responsive sites are the answer. However, sometimes your site may not adapt as gracefully as you had hoped. We can help you improve some of the visual and functional shortfalls that can occur on both mobile and tablet screen sizes.
  • Source an alternative stable plugin.
    With all our pricing plans we provide monthly updates of WordPress core and the plugins your site uses. Doing so we ensure the stability and security of your website.
    However, on occasion, we may identify one of this plugins as being unstable and/or no longer supported. WP Tekkies work with you to find, install and configure a more suitable and often better alternative.
  • Update your WordPress theme
    Keeping your WordPress theme updated is just as important as ensuring your sites core files and plugins are running effectively. If you are using a good quality commercial or free theme, then the update process should be quite straight forward. However if you run into difficulty… The Tekkies are here for you.

Here are some of the tasks that are outside the scope of 30 minute site fixes.

Some tasks may be outside the scope of our current plans and 30 minute Site Jobs. But fear not!
We can complete all of the tasks below ..and more.. at reduced hourly rate exclusive to all our customers:

  • Add custom functionality to a plugin
  • Add individual products for WooCommerce
  • Boost page ranks
  • Resolve WooCommerce conflict with theme
  • SEO
  • Set up email accounts
  • Building site backlinks
  • Modifications to DNS
  • Modifications to SSL
  • Build a new site
  • Modificationsor setup of a new theme
  • Setup of a Google Plus business listing
  • General Site Design or Styling
  • Make your site mobile responsive
  • Multisite support
  • Fix WooCommerce bugs and conflicts
  • Paid marketing
  • Payment gateway configuration
  • Phone support
  • Recommend a theme
  • Remove theme customisations
  • Research previous theme customisations
  • Set up a new theme
  • Create a custom plugin
  • Design or create images
  • Create landing pages or page templates

If there is a task not listed here get in touch and we can advise if it fits within the scope of our 30 minute site Jobs.