If you have further queries that are not listed here, please do get in touch.

How many sites does my plan support?
All our plans are just for the one website. However you can sign up as many sites as you want. We can negotiate a reduction on costing depending on number of sites.

What exactly is a 30 minute site fix?
There are many different types of site fixes we can help you with to enhance your online presence or keep your website running at peak performance. Click here to see our SCOPE OF SERVICES  and exactly what we do and do not offer within our monthly 30 minute site fixes.

I have an urgent task. Will this be resolved over the weekend?
Generally tasks are completed between Monday to Friday. However we consistently monitor incoming tasks so if there’s an urgent issue we will be there to help.

I want to sign up and submit a small site fix. Whats the next step?
Once you sign up you are welcome to submit your first site fix. We can start working on your issue that same day!

How long does a task take to complete?
We complete most tasks on the same business day and no more that 24 hours of beginning the task. We are still contactable over weekends but unless the task is very urgent we will complete by the start of next business day.

Can you help me with a specific site fix?
Here is a list of some of the site fixes we can complete within the scope of plans. If the site fix is not listed there do not worry! Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Are there limits to the 30 minute site site fixes WP Tekkies do?
We are very efficient and flexible but all jobs should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. However, we can do larger and more complicated site fixes.
Site fixes that are over the 30 minutes are handled as part of our development hours offerings and will be charged at a reduced cost no matter what plan you are on!

Feel free to get in touch to discuss further!

What if an update breaks my site? Does it cost extra to fix?
Most update issues can be resolved free of cost, however more complex issues that are related to customised plugins or problems caused by site managers may be billable.

In any case, we immediately roll the site back to the state it was in prior to performing the update. Once the site has been restored, you will be notified of the issue/issues and provided the best options for resolution.