Online business success through the power of WordPress & the expertise of WP Tekkies.

We provide a range of WordPress services tailored to growing your online business.
Whatever your requirements, we are experts in all things WordPress, and we are here for you.

website development

Wordpress Web Design & Development

Need your WordPress website designed to your exact online business needs?

WP Tekkies provides over 10 years of expertise in the design and develop of bespoke WordPress solutions. Whether you need a complete website redesign or a small design change, every line of code is created to serve your bottom line… Online business success.

Get In touch and find out how we can transform your website presence into a prosperous online experience.

Our Web Design & Web Development rates start at just €75 per hour.

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User Interface Design

UX and UI Design Specialists

User Experience (or UX) design is your commitment to giving your site visitors the best possible experience when they interact with your WordPress site.

Many factors can negatively effect the quality of this engagement. Issues may arise due to poor responsive device compatibility or simply having not clearly explained you USP.

We engage with you to understand exactly what it is you want to communicate to your customers about your product or services. We then design and integrate your message into a clear and effective journey for both your customer and ultimately your business.

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Page Speed Tune Up1

Page Speed TuneUp

Is your site pages loading slowly? If you notice, then so will your site visitors.
Most likely the problem lies with your website hosting plan and/or your WordPress site optimisation.
Supercharge your website download speed with our Page Speed Tune Up service and see real results.
Get up to 90 percent score on GT Metrix Site Speed Analyser
Need an extra boost in speed? Compliment your Page Speed TuneUp exceptional WordPress hosting.

Pricing: €169

Responsive Web design

Mobile and Responsive Design

Is your site full responsive and mobile ready? If not, then you are not only significantly narrowing your customer reach but are also being penalised by search engines.

WP Tekkies design and develop beautiful and functional responsive websites. Throughout the design process we test and re-test your new mobile site on multiple real devices and all popular browsers, ensures it displays and functions just like it should.

Pricing from: €399

Malware Cleanup

Malware Removal & Cleanup

When your site gets hacked, its not just the down-time your site experiences, it’s your reputation.
WP Tekkies identifies, isolates and cleans your WordPress site of all malware.
We then implement tools and strategies that help eliminate future risk and vulnerabilities.

Pricing: €199

Website Hosting

Wordpress Hosting

We provide WordPress hosting that is stable, secure and rocket fast! All at an affordable price.

Here are just a few of our hosting features.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Site Transfer
  • 30 Day Full Site Backups
  • Free SSL Certificate (https)
  • Free Content Delivery Network
  • 5GB Web Space
  • Suitable for ~ 5,000 Visits Monthly
  • Free SSL installation

Price from €16/Month. Get In touch

Browser and device testing

Browser & Device Testing

Your site may look and function adequately on your particular mobile device or desktop. However, that is not to say all your site visitors are having a similar experience.

WP Tekkies tests your sites functionality and design on real Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets.
All device testing is done using the most popular current browser versions of IE, Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox.

Pricing: €249

Website Migration

Wordpress Site Migration

Is your current hosting provider giving you the speed, security and attention you need? If not, WP Tekkies can seamlessly migrate your website to another server or host.
Migration includes moving all WP Themes, plugins, posts, images and files.
Once migrated and tested we activate the site and re-test to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Full WordPress site migration only €99